Origin, Endurance or Mellow: which Fantail is perfect for your dog?

Every dog deserves a comfortable and high-quality dog bed that suits their sleeping habits and their personality. Luckily, there’s a Fantail for everyone. An overview of our three collections, coming right up – but first, let’s talk about the one thing that they all have in common.

Memory foam: the one constant in all of our collections


Different colours, different materials, different models, but one thing always stays the same: our memory foam cushion. Every Fantail is made with recycled memory foam flakes. This soft material fully supports your dog’s spine, joints and muscles. It even regulates their body temperature to allow deep sleep. Read all about the magic of memory foam here.

 Now, let our collections take the stage!


Origin: our all-rounder collection  

It all started with Origin, the very first collection of Fantail. Origin grew from the desire to create a high-quality dog bed that was beautiful yet still affordable. That’s what makes this collection our all-rounder: any dog can comfortably snooze for hours in their Origin Fantail. Just pick a model and a colour that suits your interior and you’re good to go!


What you need to know about Origin:



Endurance: our strongest collection  

After Origin came Endurance. The biggest difference? Endurance is made with 70% recycled fabrics. The material is also a lot sturdier, which makes it 30% stronger than Origin. What’s in a name, right? If you have a big, rowdy dog, Endurance is there for you!

What you need to know about Endurance: 

Mellow: our softest collection  

Brand-new and super soft: that’s Mellow. For this collection, we’ve used 100% recycled fabric. We went with velour, a super smooth material for epic snoozing. It’s the perfect bed for dogs who love being cosy and warm. Oh, and did we mention it’s the easiest fabric to vacuum?

 What you need to know about Mellow:

    • Available in Snooze, Snug and Stargaze models

    • Made with 100% recycled smart fabrics that are stain resistant, water repellent and washable

    • The smooth material makes it easy to vacuum

    • Compliments your interior in neutral greys, oat beige, rusty orange, emerald green and peacock blue


Origin, Endurance or Mellow: what should you get your dog?

Now that you know the difference between our three collections: which Fantail would be perfect for your dog? We’ve asked our product designer Elisa for her expert opinion.


Elisa: “Origin sort of explains itself: it’s our original dog bed, suitable for all dog types. You’re always safe with an Origin dog bed. If you have a dog that tends to scratch, I do believe that Origin is the most scratch-proof. But don’t encourage them (laughs).”

An Origin dog bed is perfect for…

  • Hyperactive Dachshunds

  • Kind Staffords

  • Adorable shelter dogs

  • Basically: any dog!


    Elisa: “Endurance is 30% stronger than our other collections thanks to the sturdy fabric. That makes it perfect for a larger, heavier dog that can get rowdy. The colours are also a bit more multicolour, so it’s harder to spot stains.”

    An Endurance dog bed is perfect for…

    • Lazy Great Danes

    • Chubby Bernese Mountain Dogs

    • Playful Rottweilers

    • Outdoorsy Retrievers



      Elisa: “I think Mellow is best suited for dogs that lose a lot of hair, since it’s the easiest fabric to vacuum. If your dog plays outside a lot, you will prefer Mellow too, since the silky fabric washes off easily. Dogs who love to be warm will prefer Mellow as well.”

      A Mellow dog bed is perfect for…

      • Sleepy Chihuahuas

      • Dirt-rolling Chow Chows

      • Always shedding Corgis

      • Adventure-loving mixed breeds

        Which Fantail would your dog love the most? Or are they already having the best naps in one of our dog beds? Tell us on Facebook or on Instagram!   

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        Origin, Endurance or Mellow: which Fantail is perfect for your dog?

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