5 reasons your dog needs a memory foam bed

As a proud dog owner, you always want the very best for your dog. Well, when it comes to their sleep, the very best is a memory foam bed. And we’re here to tell you why!

First things first: the importance of a safe space for your dog

Ever notice how your dog seems to ‘tidy’ their bed before they curl up into it? They scratch, turn around in circles or push a few left-over toys out of the way. “This ritual goes way back in time”, dog behaviourist Margaux from Blue Jack Dog Training tells us.

“After finding a safe and warm spot, dogs used to prepare their nest by digging a hole in the ground or by scratching a bunch of leaves together. Now that they’re part of a family, they don’t need to do that anymore, but that instinct is still there.”

A safe spot to process they day

In our blog about sleep, you could already read that dogs need up to 14 hours of sleep every day. They use sleep to process everything they experience, from training sessions to unfamiliar smells. “That’s why it’s very important to provide your dog with that safe and warm spot they used to search for themselves”, says Margaux. “And that’s also why you should never use their bed as a punishment. In general, I don't recommend punishing your dog at all. A dog's bed must always remain a safe space where your dog can feel at ease.” 

A place to call their own

You love your bedroom, right? It’s the perfect room to decompress and to leave a long day behind. It’s also usually off limits for visitors. It’s all yours. Your dog deserves that kind of space, too. Margaux: “Whenever you have people over, your pet should be able to escape the crowd in their bed. Be sure to place it somewhere nice and quiet. Once in there, your dog’s personal space has to be respected.”

What is memory foam

So we’ve established that your dog’s bed should be a safe space. Now, let’s focus on their comfort. You’ve probably heard of memory foam: these days, it’s a key feature pet owners look for. But what is it, exactly?

Actually, memory foam is beneficial for both humans and pets. Maybe you’re already sleeping on it yourself! It’s a mattress material that moulds to your body in response to pressure and body heat. When the pressure is lifted, it returns to its original shape.

It’s a luxury sleeping experience that we feel everyone deserves – and that includes your dog. That’s why all of Fantail’s dog beds are made with soft and supportive memory foam.

Still wondering if your dog really needs a memory foam bed? Here are 5 reasons why they will benefit from our quality dog beds.

dog bed memory foam

5 reasons to get your dog a memory foam bed

1 | It's built to last

When it comes to buying a bed, we believe in quality over quantity. Whether we’re talking about a Fantail basket for your dog or a king-size mattress for you: memory foam beds tend to have a longer lifespan than other types of spring and foam mattresses.

The memory foam Fantail uses in the Origin and Endurance collection has a high enough density to fully support your pet. That makes it very durable and long-lasting. In other words: you’re investing in their comfort for the long haul. 

Your dog will feel like they’re sleeping on clouds, and you don’t need to keep buying new dog beds. Everybody wins! Even the planet, since you’re reducing your ecological footprint.

2 | It supports your pet's spine, joints and muscles

Memory foam offers your dog full orthopaedic support. Whenever your dog wants to catch some ZZZs, their body heat will soften the foam. That causes the foam to take on their body shape. As a result, your dog’s joints and muscles are supported while they rest.

Memory foam also offers full spinal support thanks to the natural curve it creates. You got it: it’s so much more than a cosy cushion.

All of this makes a memory foam dog bed a great choice for older pets or dogs with joint issues. “Health issues such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia tend to arise when a dog grows older”, says Margaux. “Choosing a bed that offers full support, can help a great deal with that.”

That being said, every dog – from a Dachshund puppy to a senior Great Dane – will benefit from a high-quality memory foam bed. And there’s lots of colours to choose from

3 | It relieves tension and pressure

As we’ve discussed earlier, dogs use sleep to process their day. It helps them to relieve tension and pressure, both mentally as well as physically. For instance, the thick foam takes away tension on pressure points in their body.

If they’ve had a tense day, the last thing you want is for that pressure to build up in an uncomfortable bed. That won’t be good for their joints and muscles, and it won’t be good for their sleep. And a cranky dog: that definitely won’t be good for you. 

4 | It keeps your dog's temperature in check

Hot or cold: your tailed friend should always be able to rest comfortably, whatever the weather. Our Fantail memory foam dog beds are built with thermoregulation technology for that exact reason. They also have excellent air circulation.

By using breathable memory foam, we can control the temperature of the bed. Your dog won’t overheat in the summer or get too chilly in the winter. The result: a long, deep sleep, with lots of paw kicks and muffled barks – just the way we like it.

5 | It's so comfortable

We know we said memory foam is so much more than a cosy cushion… But that doesn’t take away that it is, in fact, a cosy cushion. There’s a reason why memory foam is so popular amongst both people and pets. It really provides a unique and comfortable sleeping experience.

Let us guess: if you don’t already have one, you’re kind of considering getting a memory foam mattress for yourself, aren’t you? Let’s start by getting your dog one first!

Snug, Snooze or Stargaze? Find the perfect Fantail Fit for your dog

Curled up like a lightly toasted bagel? Stretched out like a certified yoga instructor? Or paws-up like a dead cockroach? Whatever your dog’s style is, Fantail has got just the right memory foam dog bed for your sleeping beauty.

Choose their favourite, pick a colour and let the snoozing commence!

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5 reasons your dog needs a memory foam bed

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