Wagging our tails for
De Warmste Week

Everyone deserves a safe space to grow up. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. Belgian initiative De Warmste Week wants to change that – and Fantail is going to help. Starting today until Christmas, we’re donating 5% of our online sales to this important cause.

What’s De Warmste Week?

De Warmste Week (“the most heart-warming week”) is a Belgian solidarity campaign that stems from VRT. Every week before Christmas, they highlight a socially relevant theme throughout multiple shows, interviews, activations, and so on.
In 2023, they’re highlighting the importance of a carefree youth. Every child deserves to feel safe and supported while growing up. Sadly, many kids and youngsters are confronted with unstable situations at home, (cyber)bullying and high expectations.   

That’s why De Warmste Week is mobilizing the entire country to organize bake sales, dinner parties, sporting events, and so on. All proceeds go to causes that help create safe spaces for children.

What’s Fantail going to do?

From November 1st until December 23d, we’re donating 5% of our online sales to De Warmste Week.

Why are we supporting this cause?

 First of all: we’re a proud Belgian company at heart. That’s why we think it’s important to support causes that could really mean a difference in our country. This year’s theme also hits home for many of our colleagues.

Next to that, we do know a thing or two about the importance of a safe space. In our case, for dogs. We’ve heard it multiple times from our dog expert Margaux.

“Dogs process everything they experience in their sleep, from training sessions to smells. It’s very important to provide them with a safe and warm spot to do that”, she says. “It’s also why you should never use their bed as a punishment. It must always remain a safe space that allows your dog to decompress.” 

A safe space to decompress: everyone deserves that. With our donation, we hope to help De Warmste Week achieve it for every child and teenager in Belgium. 

How can you help?

Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, practice your quiz skills or just get your daily steps in: you’ll find plenty of fun events in Belgium on the website. It’s also possible to just make a donation.
And of course: if you’re thinking about getting a Fantail dog bed, a homey blanket or a spare cover… Now might just be the time to place your order.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin!


Wagging our tails for <br> De Warmste Week

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