Take a look behind the scenes of our cat photo shoot

By now, you know we’re working on something for cats. And what do you need to launch a new product? Photos & videos, of course! Last week, our marketeer Kaori spent 2 days on set with 5 whiskered models. Here’s how she experienced her very first shoot with cats.

Kaori: “The goal of the shoot was to get lots of pictures and videos with cats in a homey decor. We’d already seen our brand-new product in bits and pieces, but this was the first time we got to see it in all its pride and glory. And it – is – looking – gorgeous!”


No, we’re not showing you anything more just yet…

Cat photo shoots vs. dog photo shoots

Kaori: “There’s definitely a difference between a cat and a dog photo shoot. With dogs, you can sort of count on them getting along, especially if you know which ones are coming. It’s no problem to have all of them in the same space. Cats, that’s another story.”

“In total, we had 5 cats lined up for the shoot. Every cat got their own ‘window’ on set, so they didn’t have to interact with each other. As we’ve learned from our cat therapist, it can feel very threatening for a cat to be in the same room with another unknown cat. So we made it a point to avoid that.”


Cartouche even got her preferred transport method to make her feel right at home.

Shoot prep

Kaori: “We made sure to place multiple litter boxes around the set. And of course, we brought lots of snacks. We forgot to bring them something to play with, though. So in the end, we became their toys (laughs).”

Some cats were, um, more excited about the snacks than others.

And… Action!

Kaori: “The shoot actually went better than expected. We invited enough cats so we had enough material in case some didn't cooperate but  we  managed to have great photos & videos from every single cat. Their humans were present throughout the entire shoot, so we simply had them pick their cat up and put them down wherever we wanted. And they just… Stayed there. Some even fell asleep (laughs).

Merlot was a bit camera shy in the beginning. 

Dog beds… Or cat beds?

 Kaori: “We brought along some of the Fantail dog beds to put in the background. And then the coolest things happened. When the cats were just wandering around, they got cosy in our dog beds. So I guess we can also call them cat beds now!”

And the result…

 Kaori: “… Is classified for now (laughs). But here’s a beautiful picture of Pastis hanging out in a Rusty Orange Snooze basket!

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Take a look behind the scenes of our cat photo shoot

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