Our Fantail Smart Fabrics

Our Fantail Smart Fabrics

Our Fantail pet beds are designed with both pet and owner in mind, ensuring comfort for your four-legged friend and convenient cleaning for you. Each design from our pet bed collection features a cover crafted from water and stain-resistant Smart Fabrics, which can be machine washed over and over again without losing their strength and durability.  

What are Smart Fabrics?

Our Smart Fabrics are based on nanoparticles, tiny particles that block the infiltration of dirt. Smart Fabrics make it easy to remove even the toughest of stains without the need for detergents. Soap and water is all you need! However messy your pooch or feline may be, rest assured that the Easy Clean technology will make cleaning up after them a breeze. 

How to keep your pet’s bed clean...

Keep your pet’s bed clean and fresh by machine washing the Smart Fabric cover at home. Simply remove the zip-fastening cover and wash it at 30°C, to remove stains and freshen up your pet’s sleeping spot.