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Expert Opinion

Elisa | Product manager Fantail
While working on the cat climb, it became clear pretty quickly which aspects were most important. One was stability: very important for a cat's trust but also for their safety.

Another was durability: how can we make this a cat climb for life? That's why all parts are replaceable. That's especially interesting for the sisal, which is the scratch fabric.

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Solid wood

As the biggest building blocks of our cat climb, we went for sturdy wood to provide stability.


Developed specifically for Fantail, the steel also guarantees stability as well as safety.

100% recycled fabrics

They're soft, they're washable, and they're made of recycled PET-bottles.


Vertical sisal

Non-slip on the inside, delightful to scratch on the outside - just the way your cat likes it.

Frequent Asked Questions

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